3. august 2016

Mailing addresses for Invoice Scanning Service

Mailing addresses via email.

You must apply your invoice to the address that matches the service you wish to use.

After you submit your invoice, you’ll receive an auto-reply that the e-mail has been received. With the auto-reply, you know that your invoice has been received. and will be processed. Your order will be proccesed according to the applicable processing times as can be seen in the price list.

Standard GLN Invoice

Max. 50 item lines are forwarded to the consignee, itemized with a copy of the original invoice.


Low-cost GLN Invoice

No item lines, an estimate of the total amount, and a copy of the original invoice


Invoice Scanning Service, Express

Processing time is within about 4 hours and is processed as a low-cost GLN invoice


OPTIONS: Direct processing adviciation (Track’N’Trace)

If you do not wish to wait for the status report, our employee can write to you once we have processed your invoice.

Type ‘ TRACK ‘ in the Subject field and you will be notified directly when your invoice has been processed.

Example Subject field: [TRACK: Faktura 1122]

Sending via mail.

Don’t have the option to submit via e-mail?

Please contact our customer service at kundeservice@fakturadanmark.dk