13. februar 2015

Price list and processing times

Price list for Invoice Scanning Service-applicable per 21-03-2019

  Standard GLN Invoice incl. 10 item lines, as well as a copy of the original invoice. 14.50 Kr.
  -Price per Subsequent line (max. 50 item lines total) 0.25 kr.
  -Sending to ‘ Standard processing’ should be done to: standard@fakturadanmark.dk
  Low-cost GLN Invoice (no item lines, a statement of total amount, and a copy of the original invoice) 13.50 Kr.
  -Sending to ‘ low-cost processing’ should be made to lavpris@fakturadanmark.dk
    -Price per Invoice to separate if multiple invoices have been submitted in the same file. 1.00 kr.
  Invoice Scanning Service, Express, being processed as a low-cost unless otherwise stated by the customer
30.00 KR. + Normal. Rate
  -Sending to ‘ Express processing’ should be done to: express@fakturadanmark.dk
  Direct processing adviciation (Track’N’Trace) 1.00 kr. Per. Invoice
  -Type ‘ TRACK ‘ in the Subject field and you will be notified directly when your invoice has been processed.
  Processing of incomplete invoice * 30.00 KR. Per. Invoice
  Billing charge 20.00 KR.
  Payment management via payment service (only Danish    banks) Including. In the invoicing fee
  Minimum consumption 28.00 Kr.
  Weekly status report via e-mail 0.00 Kr.
  Ordered reports via customer service 50.00 kr.
  Sending without being a registred customer 35.00 kr.
  Payment Reminder 100.00 kr. (VAT-free)
* An incomplete invoice, is a submitted invoice where relevant information is missing (see Terms and Conditions).
Our Terms and Conditions will be updated from 20 may 2020.
All prices are in Danish kroner and exclusive VAT.
  Express Service About 4 hours
  Submitted via email 48 Hours
  Submitted via mail About. 1 week
  Contacting customer Service 24 hours