9. april 2016


In questions and answers, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our customer service.


Invoices with “missing” attachment.

Individual recipients cannot see the attachment on submitted invoices.

The error is because the receiving system only uses the OIO-UBL format, without the link of PDF files.
NemHandel informs us that there are no errors on these invoices, but that the recipient’s system does not support the correct format.
In some cases, the customer has not installed a program that can display these attachments.

If they are set up in the Nemhandel for OIO-UBL format, they will receive their attachments as a PDF file.
If the customer can only receive their attachments in an OIO-XML format / TIFF-file, we need to be notified, as the attachment needs to be uploaded in a special way.

NemHandel sends the correct file and attachments to the recipient. If the recipient is not able to receive correct NemHandel invoices, please refer to the recipient to get an update of their system.

If you have problems with individual recipients not being able to receive the attachments, please contact our customer service at kundeservice@fakturadanmark.dk and we can help you track the delivery.

NOTE: Faktura Danmark ApS is only responsible for the delivery to the NemHandel, not for the onward delivery from the NemHandel to the recipient.

Why do I need the status reports?

It is important that you check your status reports, as this is the only option you have to check if all your invoices have been processed and take action if anything is missing.

Missing payment from your invoice recipient?

It is important to note that Faktura Danmark does not provide the payment, therefore you must contact your invoice recipient and remind them of the payment.

It is recommended that you check if you have received a status report (e-mail) from Faktura Danmark on the current invoice.

If the recipient does not have current invoice in their system, despite it is delivered.

In some cases, it happens that the GLN recipient’s inbox team, sends the invoice to an incorrect department internally, and therefore the invoice is rejected.

In such cases there is nothing else to do than to attempt the re-sending of the invoice to the recipient. This is done via lavpris@fakturadanmark.dk or standard@fakturadanmark.dk.

Can an invoice submission be canceled?

Yes it can, but since we do not use Outlook, the message cannot be “recalled”, instead, you must send an e-mail to kundeservice@fakturadanmark.dk within 24 hours.

Can invoices be sent to and from abroad?

Yes we can send both to and from these countries:
United Kingdom

Our collection procedure.

5 days after due date – An account statement is sent by e-mail.
15 days after due date – A payment reminder is sent by e-mail and a fee of 100 DK KR  is imposed. A credit stop is placed on the account  and submitted invoices is put on hold until payment is received.

Since we do not charge for a subscription, we are responsible for any payment for processing your invoices, therefore it is important for us that the payment be met on time.

Is there a difference between an EAN number and a GLN number?

EAN stands for the European Article Numbering, and is probably known primarily from the barcodes seen in the supermarket.
The bar code here is an identification for the given item. There is also an EAN series that is used to identify electronic mailboxes.
This is also known as GLN numbers, but GLN stands for Global Location Number and it is actually usually this that is referenced when talking about EAN invoices.

An EAN number is 13 digits and starts for recipients in Denmark typically with 5790 for private, or 5798 for public institions.

Can I get a refund if the processing time was not respected?

The processing time is only indicative and is not a guarantee.
Therefore, you cannot get money back if the processing time in individual cases should be delayed.
However, we reach the largest part of our invoices within the indicative processing time.

What do I do if my invoice contains more than 50 item lines?

Unfortunately, we can’t manage to send invoices with over 50 item lines, so you can choose either to split the invoice and send more, or you can assemble some of the transactions.
You can also choose to make a specification of all the item lines and then only have a statement of the total amount on the OIO-UBL invoice.

We can also process it for you as low-cost service, with a statement of the total amount.

All invoices are sent with an attached copy of the invoice as attachments in PDF format.


Since we don’t charge for a subscription, there is no attached waiting period if you don’t want to use us anymore.

You simply stop submitting your invoices.

If there is something you do not find the answer to, please feel free to contact us at kundeservice@fakturadanmark.dk