13. February 2015

Register Payment Service

Register payment service-The easiest in the world (Only Danish Banks)

There are many benefits of payment service

  • You save time because you don’t have to go to the NetBank to pay your invoice.
  • There are no reminders, as the bill is always paid on time.

Facts about payment Service

  • The billing period is changed to the middle of the month (weekend up to the 20th), with withdrawal the 1. in the following month.
  • You will still receive the invoice via email/mail.
  • The invoice lines are also shown in your payment advice
  • Payment service does not cost extra it is incl. VAT. In the billing fee.
  • Registration is only valid when the invoice is shown in the payment summary.
  • Nets Danmark A/S is responsible for payment services.

When registering, enter your reg number and konto number.