Scanning service

Send your PDF / word / excel invoice to us by email (see submission addresses). We will convert your invoice to the correct format and send it to your customer.

The service

Faktura Danmark provides the customer with personnel resources, production equipment and software for the provision of e-invoicing to GLN recipients.

The received invoices are converted and the relevant data is read.

Relevant data that cannot be read electronically are entered manually.

The scanned/entered data is transmitted electronically, in the form of an OIO-UBL document (OIO-XML document), via an external supplier to the GLN recipient via the NemHandel e-invoicing system (also called VANS), together with a PDF document (TIFF document) showing the original invoice. A copy of the original invoice is embedded in the transmission. Recipients will therefore always receive a copy of the original invoice.

Faktura Danmark will deliver the invoice to NemHandel, thereby ending the service. The transmission between NemHandel and the recipient is not Faktura Danmark's responsibility, however, we will initiate a trace if the document has not reached the recipient and the customer reports this error.

A weekly status report is sent via e-mail confirming delivery of the processed invoices.

The invoice must contain

The following information is recorded from the invoice:
Recipient's order, or requisition number *
Recipient's personal reference *
Invoice type: credit note/invoice
Invoice date
Invoice number
Total invoice amount
Currency code
Payment date
Sender's payment information
Sender's CVR number, address
Indication of whether the claim has been assigned to a third party
* To be provided by your customer when placing his order with the sender.

Missing or inaccurate information will be corrected and attempted to be resent to the GLN recipient once the information is obtained from the sender or otherwise.

If the information cannot be obtained, the customer will be informed by e-mail.
If the above information is missing or incorrect, an error fee will be charged according to the current price list per invoice submitted, except for the very first time.