What does EAN/GLN stand for?

EAN stands for European Article Numbering, and is probably best known from the barcodes you see in the supermarket.
The barcode here is an identifier for the given product. Similarly, there is a series within EAN which is used to identify electronic mailboxes.
This is also called GLN numbers, but GLN stands for Global Location Number and it is actually most often this that is referred to when talking about EAN invoices.

An EAN number is 13 digits long and for recipients in Denmark typically starts with 5790 for private, or 5798 for public institutions.

Get your own GLN number

At GS1 you can order your very own GLN number for about 1000 DKK per year.

Use Faktura Danmark's shared EAN no

At Faktura Danmark you can use our shared EAN number 5790002725319 for free, just tell your suppliers to send to the EAN no and ask them to add your VAT no. We will make sure you get your invoice by email, SMS or on a private drive. 

If you want to see who owns a given EAN number, use NemHandels register search

If you want to see who owns a given CVR number, use the CVR register search